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There are 5,900 of us at Greyhound which includes our highly trained drivers, station staff, and those in our offices who work behind the scenes to keep the biggest bus network in the U.S. running smoothly.

Stories from our staff

Our staff has quite the collection of stories - because they have decades of experience, literally.

  • More than a third of our employees have been with us for over 10 years.
  • 15% of us have worked here for 20 years or more!

Our staff sticks around because to us Greyhound-ers, it's more than just a job, it's a passion.
And ultimately, that passion is what makes your trip better and safer.

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Dream life of a nomad driver.

Jason is a nomad driver. Which means his 'home base' is wherever he's needed most. Sounds tough? Not to Jason. Watch all the things he does as a driver, and why this job is the adventure he dreamed of as a kid.

Jason Futch
Seattle, WA (for now!)
Bus Driver

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Sometimes, going the extra mile starts with a donut.

These two friends and long-time co-workers work as a team, walking the station to spot customers who need a hand. They pay special attention to kids traveling alone - keeping them smiling until they're picked up. Turns out, a chat and a donut often does the trick!

Maggie and Shonna
New York City
Customer Service and Daily Operations Manager, Customer Service Office Manager

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Our industry-leading driver training program

Every Greyhound driver you see has been through an intense six-week program that's recognized in the industry as the best of its kind. This includes driving in all sorts of weather, during the day and by night. Each driver has to complete 160 hours of training before being qualified to drive with us - that's nearly four times the amount recommended by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

And it doesn't stop there - training continues regularly throughout every Greyhound driver's career, even if they've been with us for many, many years. When we say we take your safety seriously, we mean it.

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