Seat Reservations

Like to sit in the front of the bus? Or love a window seat to enjoy the view? Or traveling with family or friends? Now, you can choose your preferred seat when you book your ticket. If you’d like to choose your seat, a small fee will be charged and will vary based on the route you are taking. All customers will be assigned a seat, but you have the option to choose your preferred seat. 

Need some additional room? You can also reserve the seat next to you.  

The seat reservation fee varies based on the route. You can find the prices for seat reservations here.

Choose carefully – once a seat is assigned you won’t be able to change it. Your seat number will print on your ticket and that’s the seat you’ll sit in onboard.

How can I reserve a seat?

Reserving a seat is easy. If available, you’ll see the option when you add the passenger name to your booking.

Check the seat map and select your preferred seat(s) from the available options.

Your booking confirmation will include this seat number.

Seat Map on Greyhound

When boarding, seat numbers are above or below the overhead baggage compartment. 

Note that on some of our partners’ buses, seat reservations are not available. 

If you do not have a seat number on your ticket, follow instructions during boarding. Of course, passengers with limited mobility will be given preferred seating.

Adding, changing, and canceling seat reservations 

You may reserve a seat only during initial booking. At this time, you may not add or cancel a seat once you’ve booked your ticket. You may cancel your seat up to 15 minutes prior to departure here and you will receive a refund in the form of a voucher. Note that you will be assigned a new seat that may be less favorable.