Manage My Booking

Manage My Booking is an easy convenient, quick and easy way to manage all your travel needs.

On Manage My Booking, you can:

  • Change Booking Date, Time, or Destination
  • Change Passenger Details
  • Add Baggage
  • Cancel Booking

Change Booking Date, Time, or Destination

You can change your departure date, time, or destination. A fee may apply. Depending on the new trip, you might have to pay for the fare difference, or you’ll get a refund if the new trip is cheaper. Trips can be changed up to 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure time.

Changes to Passenger Name or Contact Details

Small changes such as typos (e.g. a couple of letters) or a phone number change are free. We also want to ensure you have your contact details up-to-date, so all changes are free. Don’t forget to add your phone number so that you can receive trip updates via SMS.

Add Baggage

You can add excess and/or bulky baggage. The number of pieces is based on the baggage compartment capacity. Baggage fees will apply.

Cancel My Booking

You can cancel your ticket up to 15 minutes prior to departure. We’ll refund the ticket minus any applicable fees in the form of a voucher which you can use on a future trip.