Now More Options and Choices

Greyhound and FlixBus are joining forces to provide an expanded network to customers in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada, as well as more ticket flexibility and more options to make your trip more enjoyable than ever before.

More Schedules:

You now have more schedule options, more departure and arrival stations and more departures each day. And, we’ve made it easier for you to see all the options on our new refreshed website and our mobile apps. Simply add the city and we’ll display all the options within that city.  

Easier to See Options

Once you see the Greyhound and FlixBus options, you can easily filter the options by specific depart or arrival location, time, duration or even price.

We’ve also simplified the types of fares we offer by eliminating Economy Extra and Flexible fare types. Now all fares give you flexibility to make changes.  

Ticket Flexibility – so simple!

One of the most exciting changes (we think so anyway) is a new way to make changes to your ticket. Manage My Booking will allow you to change a ticket yourself!  No more calling in, no more going to the ticket counter. Log into Manage My Booking, add your confirmation number and email address and you can make changes to your booking or you can even cancel your trip and refund to a voucher for use at a later time. Depending on the current date and your departure day, fees may apply and you’ll be shown the applicable fee as you look at your options. 

Window? Aisle? Reserve your seat!

Like to choose your own seat on the bus? If you prefer the window seat (hello world) or a seat near the front of the bus, you can now purchase a seat assignment to make sure you’re exactly where you want to be onboard. If you don’t have a preference, we’ll go ahead and assign a seat for you for free so that everyone will have a seat assigned before departure. A fee applies when selecting a pre-reserved seat and you’ll be shown the applicable fee based on the trip. 

Note – once a seat is assigned, you won’t be able to change it (yet.)  But, we’re hoping to have this option available to you soon.


You can still bring one stowed bag and one carry-one for FREE.  For customers who need to bring an additional bag or a bulky, oversize bag, your options and any applicable fee is shown when you choose the number and type of bags you want to bring along with you. Baggage can also be added after you booked your ticket using Manage My Booking in case you’re having a hard time deciding what to bring with you.

A New Ticket:  

One ticket type – we’ve made this easier as well. You no longer have to choose if you want a paper ticket or an E-Ticket. We now send you your ticket (as a pdf attached to the email). You can show the QR code from the ticket to the driver on your phone. Or print it and bring it with you – your choice.

Children traveling:

Children age 15 and under can no longer travel unaccompanied. We make an exception to support our partners at the National Runaway Safeline, the only national transportation and reunification program supporting at-risk youth. Otherwise, all children 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult.


Yes, isn’t that great! You can book a ticket on or via our mobile app that includes both Greyhound and FlixBus travel.

We are working on the ability to change seats, but right now you must sit in the seat assigned. For new bookings, the best way to ensure you can sit in your preferred seat is to make a seat selection during the booking process, a fee will apply.

No, you must sit in the seat assigned. There will be other customers getting on the bus at stops along the way who may have that seat number. You would have to gather all your stuff and move. For new bookings, the best way to get your preferred seat is to make a seat selection during the booking process, a fee will apply.

We are always looking for ways to make the booking experience easier. This time we’re introducing travel on FlixBus, providing more schedule options in each city, introducing a new seating option, and now all tickets allow changes with a fee. With all these changes, we wanted to refresh the website to provide an excellent customer experience.