Bus Travel FAQs

Useful things to know before, during and after your trip.

Before you travel

How do I get to my Greyhound Bus station or stop?

It's easy, we have a bus stop finder tool that will help you find the address, directions, hours of operation and contact details. Find my bus stop

How early should I get to the bus station?

We suggest you get there about an hour before your bus leaves, to give you time to buy any snacks for your journey and check any baggage. However, please note you must be at the bus station 15 minutes before your departure time, as that's when we begin the boarding process.

What baggage can I bring?

Have a look at our baggage guidelines before packing. Make sure what you bring fits within our weight and size limits, and you don't bring any prohibited items. See baggage info

What should I know if I'm traveling on a Greyhound Express bus?

As the name suggests, our Express Buses are a faster, often non-stop service.

Here are the details and benefits of traveling on a Greyhound Express bus:

  • Your entire trip can be on an Express bus. Or, for longer journeys, you may have one or more legs of your trip that are on an Express bus, with connections to regular Greyhound services. Express routes are always marked with the ‘e’ logo in the schedule.
  • Many Express routes are point-to-point services with no stops. But, on longer routes, there will be rest stops so you can stretch your legs.
  • On our Express service, you’re guaranteed to get a bus with all the perks – like free Wi-Fi, reclining leather seats and power outlets.
  • Express passengers have a private waiting area at most of our locations, and a dedicated staff member to help you at departure and arrival destinations.

Can I switch to an earlier bus?

Yes, if you have an Economy Extra or Flexible fare you can claim a free Same Day Exchange. This gives you the chance to switch to an earlier bus (as long as there’s a seat available).

How early should I get to the bus station?

It’s simple. Get to the station in plenty of time and find an agent to reissue your ticket. If there’s a seat available on an earlier bus, you could make a head start on your trip.

Your Tickets

What do all the numbers and codes mean on my ticket?

There's a lot of info in there, and most of it is for us to worry about.

But if you'd like to know what it all means, here's the ticket explained.

Print at home ticket explanation

I have a confirmation number, but no ticket. What do I do?

No problem. When you get to the station, see one of our agents at the ticket counter, or use the self-serve kiosk if the station has one.

How do I pick up tickets at the station?

You have two choices: if you go to a self-serve kiosk you just need the confirmation number. If you go to the ticket counter, you'll need your confirmation number and personal ID.

If someone else bought your ticket, you'll need to show your ID and know the password that was created when the ticket was bought.

I've printed out my ticket but left it at home. What do I do?

When you get to the station, you'll need to go to the ticket counter and speak to an assistant. Depending on the type of ticket you have, you might need to show your ID or know the password that was created when the ticket was bought. Make sure you have plenty of time before your bus leaves to get this sorted.

I already have a ticket but need to check some baggage. Where do I go at the station?

It's really easy. See one of the ticket agents – they'll take your baggage to be loaded onto the bus, and give you a baggage claim ticket so you can collect your belongings at the end of your trip.

What if I lost my ticket?

If you purchased a Print-at-Home ticket you can print another copy on our website by entering your confirmation number and last name in the section titled "Retrieve Your Booking". For all other lost ticket types, you must purchase another ticket to travel.

We are not responsible for lost tickets.


When does boarding start?

We suggest you get to the bus-stop/station at least 15 minutes before your bus is due to leave. If you're not there within 5 minutes of the bus leaving, we reserve the right to offer your seat to another passenger.

On your ticket, you'll see your bus schedule number (look for the letter SCHD, then the schedule number).

When your bus is ready to be boarded, we'll announce your schedule number, along with the destination of your bus and the platform where you need to go (if you're wearing headphones, make sure you turn down the volume near boarding time so you don't miss the announcement).

Do I have to board the bus in a certain order?

We don't allocate seat numbers, so you can take any available seat on the bus. However, we do reserve the front row seats for customers with disabilities, the elderly and unaccompanied children.

To make boarding easier, our passengers board in groups, each with assigned boarding numbers – you'll find yours just above your name on your ticket. If you have an Economy Extra or Flexible fare, you get priority boarding, which means you can be first in line to get on and choose your seat.

If you're getting on the bus mid-route, any passengers who were already on board (and may have got off to stretch their legs) get to board first.

During your trip

What kind of features can I expect once on board the bus?

There are loads of features on Greyhound buses to help you get the most from your journey. You can find them here and take an interactive 360-degree tour of our new bus.

How can I make my journey more comfortable?

At Greyhound, we do our very best to make your experience as pleasant as possible. As part of this, we've put together a list of 10 ways that will increase the comfort of your journey. Visit our tips page to see them.

How much time do I have at a rest stop when the bus takes a break?

The length of the stop depends on whether the bus needs to be serviced too, which could take a little longer. But don't worry, you will always have time to stretch your legs, use the restroom, take a smoke break or grab a snack.

Bus journeys can be long. Do you have any suggestions of how to pass the time?

We've got plenty, all recommended by Greyhound staff and passengers. These include books, movies and apps that you might enjoy. The place to find them is on our Pinterest board.

After you travel

How do I get my baggage?

When you get to your final destination, the driver will take your baggage from the storage compartment under the bus. You can then pick up your bags and be on your way.

At the end of my trip, how do I get from the bus station to my final destination?

It's easy, we have a bus stop finder tool that will help you find the address of the station where you've arrived and you can get directions from there to anywhere you need to go. Find my bus stop

Someone's picking me up from the station. Can they track my bus journey?

They certainly can. They can track your bus in real time, and also find the address and directions for the stop where you're arriving. You can find bus station details and directions here:

Track my bus

Bus stop finder