Bring 1 carry on bag on the bus with you and check up to 3 bags (the first one's free).

Baggage allowance at a glance

Carry-on baggage Checked baggage
Yes Bring onto the bus Yes Stored under the bus
Yes Must fit in overhead compartment or under seat in front Yes Max size 62 inches (157 cm) when you add together length + width + height
Yes One bag up to 25lb (11kg) Yes Up to 3 bags, max 50lb each (22.5kg)

Baggage allowances

As well as your carry-on baggage, you can bring one piece of checked baggage for free, and two more for $20 each. Find out how much you can bring:

Checked baggage allowances for adults and children

Baggage allowances for Greyhound and connecting bus lines (except Mexico - International Service)

Number of pieces Charge per piece Weight Value
Adult ticket 3 1st bag free
2nd bag free with our Flexible fare,
or 2nd & 3rd bags $20 each with all other fares
50lb (22.5kg)
per bag
Child ticket 1 free 50lb (22.5kg) $125

Baggage allowances for Mexico - International Service

Number of pieces Charge per piece Weight Value
Adult ticket 2 free 50lb (22.5kg)
per bag
Child ticket 1 free 50lb (22.5kg) $125

If a single piece of baggage weighs more than 50 lbs it must be shipped through Greyhound Package Express.  You can also send additional pieces through our Greyhound Package Express service. Please see our Overweight and Excess Baggage section to find out more. 

Max baggage dimensions:
There's a limit on the size of checked baggage, to make sure we can fit everything into our baggage compartment. So checked baggage can’t be more than 62 inches (157 cm) when you add the dimensions together (length + width + height). Anything larger than this will need to go with our package service, Greyhound Package Express.

Overweight and Excess Baggage

Need to bring more stuff? No problem. You can ship up to 5 pieces of excess baggage through our package shipping company, Greyhound Package Express, including overweight baggage. We’ll even give you a discount. Here's what you need to know:

Bring overweight and excess baggage through Greyhound Package Express:

  • You'll need to check any excess baggage at the Greyhound Package Express counter
  • You can ship 5 pieces of excess baggage at a discounted rate of $33-$43 each, depending on how far you're going. The discounted rate for overweight or oversize baggage is $39-$49 each, depending on how far you are going.  This is in addition to those you're allowed to bring on board. Any more than 5 items will be charged at our usual rates
  • The maximum weight for baggage shipped using Greyhound Package Express is 75lb (34kg) per item.
  • You'll need to show proof of purchase for your ticket to get the discounted rate.
  • Baggage can only be shipped to the destination shown on your ticket.
  • To get the discounted rate, your baggage will need to be shipped at the same time you're traveling. You can send it on ahead of you if you prefer, but you'll need to pay the usual rate.
  • Your excess baggage won't necessarily be shipped on the same bus you're traveling on, so it may arrive at a later date and time - but don't worry we'll let you know exactly when to expect it.
  • There's a free value allowance of up to $250 (for insurance purposes). If you want to increase the value, you'll need to pay a declared value charge. The maximum value is $1,000 for the entire shipment.

To find out more about Greyhound Package Express, go to opens in a new tab)

What kind of baggage can I bring?

It's important to pack your belongings securely so they don’t get damaged or lost. We've put together a few simple guidelines for your checked baggage so that everything arrives in one piece:

  • Suitcases
  • Backpacks
  • Duffel bags
  • Trunks
  • Toolboxes
  • Securely tied cardboard boxes
  • Plastic bags
  • Paper bags
  • Items protruding from your baggage

We can provide shipping containers for a nominal fee at most Greyhound stations (the amount you pay will depend on the type of container and the city you're in).

Strollers and car seats

We don't charge for bringing a stroller or car seat on board a Greyhound bus. You can bring a stroller in addition to your maximum checked baggage allowance, and a car seat in addition to your carry-on baggage.

Extra packaging

There are a few items that need a little extra care when it comes to packing them for your trip:

  • Bicycles, golf clubs, skis and ski poles must be packed in a wood, canvas or other substantial containers, and securely fastened (you’ll need to pay an oversized item charge too).
  • Fragile items need to be wrapped in bubble-wrap, packed in styrofoam (molded, pellets or sheets), or placed in cardboard containers with corrugated partitions. Please don’t pack fragile items in clothing, bedding or newspaper as baggage may move about while on the road.

What items can I bring onto the bus?

Before you travel with us, it’s a good idea to check what you can and can’t take onto a Greyhound bus. Expand to see more details.

Here is an overview of what you can bring on board or in checked baggage.

See the full list for details

Medications & special needs devices: Allowed on board and in checked baggage, but we recommend you keep your medication in your carry on baggage.

Food, drinks and accessories: Alcohol is not permitted at all - on board or in checked baggage. Snacks, drinks and plastic cutlery are ok on-board. Any glass containers or metal cutlery must be in checked baggage.

Sharp objects: Most aren't allowed on board but can be packed in checked baggage. Check the full list for details.

Sporting goods: Not permitted on board but can be brought in checked baggage.

Guns, firearms, explosives and dangerous chemicals: Not allowed at all anywhere on the bus or in baggage.

Flammable items: Mostly not allowed, except for lighters and matches. See the full list for more details.

Tools: Not allowed on board, but can be in checked baggage.

Martial arts items: Not allowed on board or in checked baggage, but can be shipped with our package delivery service, Package Express.

Hoverboards: Not allowed at all anywhere on the bus or in baggage.

Remember, this is just an overview.
Make sure you check the full list for details.

ID tags and issued baggage tags

We always like to match our customers with their baggage, so we ask you to have identification tags on all of your bags. We provide these for you at the station. What to include:

ID tags should include your name, address and most importantly your telephone number, so we can call you if you if we find your baggage but can't find you. It's a good idea to put ID tags on the inside of your bags too as a back-up.

Greyhound-issued baggage tags

If you're bringing checked baggage, you'll need to see a ticket agent before you travel to check your bags and give each one an issued baggage tag (also known as a claim check). If you're getting on the bus at a location with no staff, you'll need to ask the driver instead.

Northeast Region Travelers

When traveling on select routes in our Northeast region, you don’t need to stop at the ticket counter to check your baggage or pick up a baggage tag.  Just put your bags in the baggage compartment under the bus and pick them up when you arrive at your destination or change buses. See the select routes: 

New York to Hartford or Providence to Boston

New York to Philadelphia

New York to Washington

New York to Albany to Montreal

New York to Syracuse to Buffalo

New York to Binghamton to Rochester to Buffalo

New York to Springfield to Albany to Syracuse to Buffalo

Philadelphia to Baltimore to Washington

Montreal to Burlington

Syracuse to Watertown to Massena

Philadelphia to Scranton

Boarding the bus and help with baggage

Once you've got your issued baggage tag from the ticket counter, we can load your checked baggage onto the bus. Here are a few simple pointers to make the process even easier.

  • Before you board, just give your checked baggage to the bus side baggage handler (or the driver in some cases) who will load it in the luggage compartment underneath the bus.
  • It's up to you to collect your baggage when you get off the bus.
  • If you're transferring from one bus to another, you need to collect your bags from the first bus and bring them to the next.

Need a hand?

If you need help with your baggage when you get on the bus, just let us know. We have special baggage handling available for customers that need extra help such as elderly passengers, customers with disabilities or those traveling with small children. You can ask an agent at the ticket counter to give you special handling tags so we know that you need some help.

Left Baggage Service

If you want to explore the city without lugging a big bag around with you, we can store your baggage for 24 hours at Greyhound stations. Leave it with us:

All stored baggage needs to follow the same restrictions listed above and you'll need to collect it within 24 hours. Ask a customer service agent for pricing details at your chosen location.

Lost your baggage?

Have a look at our dedicated page for lost and damaged baggage. We'll tell you what you need to do to get your bags back, and fill out a claim.

Baggage insurance

You can apply for compensation if any of your baggage gets lost or damaged when you travel with us (see our Lost or damaged baggage page to find out more about this). But, if your stuff is more valuable than the amount of compensation you can claim, you might want to take out insurance to cover it.

Carry-on baggage

Because we don't accept any responsibility or offer compensation for your carry-on baggage, it's up to you to arrange your own insurance.

Checked baggage

You can insure your checked baggage up to a maximum of $1,000 per passenger. This doesn't include items checked as overweight, oversized or excess baggage - you'll need to pay a 'declared value charge' for these (see the next section on oversized baggage).

Baggage insurance - for bags checked with an adult price ticket

Checked baggage value amount Premium
Up to $250.00 FREE
$250.01 - $350.00 $2.00
$350.01 - $450.00 $4.00
$450.01 - $550.00 $6.00
$550.01 - $650.00 $8.00
$650.01 - $750.00 $10.00
$750.01 - $850.00 $12.00
$850.01 - $950.00 $14.00
$950.01 - $1,000.00 $16.00

Baggage insurance - for bags checked with children's tickets

Checked baggage value amount Premium
Up to $125.00 FREE
$125.01 - $175.00 $2.00
$175.01 - $225.00 $4.00
$225.01 - $275.00 $6.00
$275.01 - $325.00 $8.00
$325.01 - $375.00 $10.00
$375.01 - $425.00 $12.00

Oversized, overweight and excess baggage

We don't offer insurance for excess baggage. Instead, you can pay a declared baggage charge for your overweight, oversized or excess baggage. This means that in the event of claim, we will need to see proof of the value or depreciated value of the item or items you are claiming for. The most we can pay is $1,000.

Greyhound Package Express declared value charges for baggage shipped under 800 miles

$0 - $250.00 FREE
$250.00 - $300.00 $4.00
$301.00 - $500.00 $6.00
$501.00 - $700.00 $8.00
$700.01 - $1,000 $10.00

Baggage shipped more than 800 miles is limited to a maximum $300 value. If you have overweight, oversized or excess baggage items worth more than $100 but less than $300, that you are shipping more than 800 miles, you can pay a declared value charge of $9.