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We have 5 types of discounts that can help you save.

(Groups of 2 or 3)

Traveling with other people? When you book together, you can save 10% on tickets for the second and third person. (Plus, traveling together makes the time fly.)


Here's how to get the discount:

  • You need to buy your ticket and your companions' ticket at the same time and at least 3 days before you travel.
  • The first passenger has to pay the full price and each companion will get 10% off their ticket. If your companions are seniors, they will get a further discount on top of their reduced senior fare.
  • Tickets are non-refundable and can't be combined with any other discount.
  • The discount can't be used for trips in the state of New York or between New York and the following locations: Canada, Boston (includes CampusLink service), Philadelphia, Amherst and Northampton.
  • The discount may not be available if your trip has connections with other bus companies.
  • Discounted fares are not available during peak or holiday periods.

Ready to get a deal?

Grab your friends and book all together.

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Kids traveling with an adult don't have to pay full price. When buying a child ticket, we'll ask for ID with their date of birth — as there are different discount options depending on their age.

Discounts by age:

  • One child under 2 years of age can ride free if they're traveling with someone who is at least 15 years old and don't need their own seat (if they're sitting on your lap).
  • Children younger than 2 years old who will need their own seat on the bus get 20% off the full adult ticket when traveling with someone paying the full adult price.
  • Kids aged 2-11 get 20% off the full adult ticket when they travel with someone paying the full adult price. You can get two discount kids tickets for each adult ticket, but any additional kids aged 2-11 traveling with you may have to pay the full adult rate. Also, all passengers have to be traveling together the whole way (both outbound and return).
  • Children aged 12 and older pay full adult rate. (They grow up so quick, don't they?)

Other things you need to know about using this discount:

  • The discounted children's fare will be valid on Greyhound buses and participating connecting bus companies. But it may not always be available.
  • You can't get the children's discount with any other discount or special promotions.
  • Children won't get discounts on routes to casinos. (Kids gambling is a no-no in our books.)

We have a whole page with information about traveling with kids on our buses.

More on kids traveling


Students can get 20% off Greyhound travel and 40% off shipping with the Student Advantage Discount Card. (That's almost worth going back to school for.)


Student discount:

  • Get 20% off select Greyhound fare (but you can't combine it with any other discount).
  • Get 40% off package shipping sent through Greyhound Package Express (shipments within the U.S. only).
  • The card is for more than just buses, you'll also save on entertainment, clothing, books and loads more.

The card costs just $20 per year (plus postage) and you can buy one online or at one of over 400 Greyhound stations in the U.S.

If you buy it online, enter the promotion code GRY48L9002

Find out more or sign up for your Student Advantage Card©

Here's how to get the discount:

  • The discounted student fare will be valid on Greyhound buses and participating connecting bus companies.
  • The discount isn't available on Greyhound Canada routes.
  • You need to show your Student Advantage Discount© Card to get the discount.
  • You can't combine the student discount with any other discounts or deals.

Already got your card? Nice one, now go get yourself a discounted ticket.

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Military & Veterans

If you're an active or retired military service member, we salute you. You'll get 10% off full price tickets for you and your family when purchased at a station, or a 20% discount if you have a
Veterans Advantage© card.

Veterans Advantage discount:

  • Get 20% off select Greyhound fares (but you can't combine it with any other discount).
  • Get 40% off package shipping sent through Greyhound Package Express(shipments within the U.S. only).
  • Benefits available for your family, parents, and siblings with a VetRewards Card ID.
  • Tickets may be purchased online by selecting Veterans Advantage under Discount Options or at the terminal with your VetRewards Card
  • The card is for more than just buses.  You also get special insurance coverage, and save on prescription drugs, travel, dining, entertainment and more.
Accumulate Road Reward points with your discount Greyhound travel.

Military discount:

  • Get 10% off select Greyhound fares (but you can't combine it with any other discount) for active and retired members of the United States Armed Forces, which includes the U.S. Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy; members of the National Guard and reservists.
  • The discount is also available for your family (spouse and dependents only) with proper identification/proof of relations to service member.
  • Must be purchased at the terminal with a valid military picture identification card.

Another discount option for you:

As well as the discounts on tickets mentioned above, you can also get a round trip anywhere in the United States and the most you'll pay is $279. A great way to explore the beautiful country you defend and protect.

Discounted fares valid on Greyhound buses and participating connecting bus companies. Discount is not available on Greyhound Canada routes. Discount cannot  be combined with other offers.

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Greyhound passengers aged 62 and older can ask for a 5% discount on passenger fares. You'll need to show us photo identification to prove your age - especially if you still have your youthful good looks.


Here's how to use the discount:

  • Your discounted fare will be valid on Greyhound buses and participating connecting bus companies. The discount isn't available on Greyhound Canada routes.
  • You can't combine the senior discount with any other discounts.

Go see our beautiful country or visit someone special. You deserve it!

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Group bookings

For large group bookings (7 people or more), get in touch and we may be able to offer you a discount on your trip. You could even have a Greyhound bus all to yourselves!

Earn discounts and free tickets

When you join our loyalty program, Road Rewards, you'll get points for every trip. And these points quickly turn into discounts and free tickets. Best part is, everyone is eligible to sign up.

Other ways to save

midweek savings

Midweek Savings

Save up 40% when you travel on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

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