Bus features

We want you to feel at home when you travel with us. So our buses have plenty of features to help you relax, like comfy leather seats and lots of legroom (plus free Wi-Fi, onboard entertainment and power outlets so you can still be an armchair surfer).

  • Eco-friendly engines

    Every Greyhound bus is fully equipped with the latest technology to burn fuel cleanly, reducing our impact on the environment. Read more about our eco-friendliness.

  • Outstanding safety record

    We've received the highest possible safety rating from the Department of Transportation every year for more than ten years. Drivers go through rigorous training and check the bus before each trip. More about our training.

  • Under-bus baggage compartment

    Your checked baggage will be stored under the bus (the first bag is free). Find out more about our baggage allowances.

  • Wheelchair lift

    If you're using a wheelchair or mobility scooter, all of our buses are equipped with a wheelchair lift to help you get on board. Learn more about how we help customers with disabilities.

  • Choose your seat

    We don't assign seats so you can choose where to sit when you board the bus. With certain fares you get priority boarding which will give you first choice. See fare types that include priority boarding.

  • Wheelchair space

    Each Greyhound bus can accommodate two passengers traveling in a wheelchair or mobility scooter (we remove seats to make plenty of space for you). Learn how we accommodate customers with disabilities.

  • On-board restroom

    We do stop frequently for a rest break, but it's good to know there's a restroom on board your bus if you need it.

  • Overhead storage

    You can free up more room around you by putting your carry-on baggage in the storage compartment above your seat. See your baggage allowances here.

  • Air conditioning

    Air conditioning helps to keep the bus at a comfortable temperature, but you'll also have individual air outlets at your seat that you can adjust.

  • Free Wi-Fi

    Wi-Fi is free on all Greyhound buses, and for all passengers. (That's because we see it as a necessity, not an optional extra!)

  • Individual power outlets

    There's a standard power outlet at (nearly) every seat, so you can keep your devices charged all the way to your destination.

  • Reclining leather seats

    Our comfy leather seats are adjustable and have a handy footrest, so you can find just the right spot to relax. Once you're settled, get ready to count some sheep.

  • Extra legroom

    There's always space to stretch out when you ride with Greyhound. That's because rather than squeeze more seats onto our buses, we've removed a whole row instead.

  • 3-point safety belts

    All of our new buses have three-point safety belts (that's most of our fleet). They have both shoulder and lap harnesses and you can use them with standard car child seats.

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Meet the upgraded fleet

Did you know there are five different models of Greyhound bus? Find out what the difference is and see the improvements we've made across the fleet.