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Q. How do I sign up for Road Rewards?
A. It's simple. You can sign up online or in most terminals. To Sign Up Online: Click on the CREATE YOUR ONLINE ACCOUNT link on the Home Page, and we'll take you to the registration page. Once you key in your information you will receive a welcome email. You must click the link within the email to fully activate your account. After that, you can begin collecting Destination Points with your first ticket purchase. Plus, you'll get 10% off your next ticket purchase.

To Sign Up In Terminals: Registration brochures are available in most terminals. Simply fill out the required information on the membership form, detach it and drop it in any mailbox. After your registration form is received and your account is activated, you will receive a welcome postcard in the mail along with a reward promo code so you can get a 10% discount on your next ticket purchase.
Q. If I send in my registration form through the mail, how long will it take for my membership to be activated?
A. It should be about 3 weeks. Please allow an additional week to receive your 10% discount reward voucher that you earned for signing up to arrive in the mail. If you haven't received it within 4 weeks after mailing in your registration form, contact Road Rewards Customer Service at or (214) 849-8966.
Q. What are Destination Points?
A. Your Destination Points are calculated by the number of one-way trips you have traveled in a 12-month period. A one-way trip is equal to one Destination Point -- so a round trip collects you two Points. As those Points add up, you will move through the different levels of the program, collecting rewards as you go. Click here for more information about earning Points for rewards.
Q. How long can I keep collecting Points?
A. You collect Points throughout a rolling 12-month period. Once you reach the end of the 12 months, your Point collection starts over at zero. For every 16 Points (or 8 round trips) you collect, you get a free round-trip ticket.
Q. When does my 12-month membership period start?
A. Your 12-month membership period starts either when your account information is entered in our system OR the first trip the membership card is used. During your 12-month period, you can see the status of your Points and rewards by visiting your Account Summary Page.
Q. When do my Destination Points expire?
A. All Destination Points earned will expire at the end of your 12-month membership period. If you sign up to receive Road Rewards updates online, you will receive an email notice when your anniversary date is approaching and your Points will expire.
Q. Can I use the tickets I purchased before joining to collect Destination Points?
A. Sorry, only tickets purchased after joining the program will be eligible for credit. Our program operates in a 12-month rolling cycle, which means you have 12 months from when your account is activated to collect Destination Points. The good news is that once you register, you can start collecting Points immediately.
Q. How do I know which rewards I am eligible for?
A. Log in from any page and you'll be taken to the My Accounts page. There you'll find a tally of your collected Points, your travel history, and the rewards currently available to you.
Q. When can I redeem my 10% discount for joining?
A. Your 10% discount will be available shortly after your membership information has been entered into our system. This is why all required data must be completed on the registration form. If you sign on and confirm your account online, you can redeem it immediately by printing out a reward voucher or making an online ticket purchase. If you send in a registration form, but do not confirm your account online, you will still receive a postcard in the mail in about 4 weeks with your 10% discount.
Q. How do I redeem rewards I've earned?
A. To redeem a reward online, simply click on the Redeem link next to the specified reward. To redeem at the terminal or by phone, click the Redeem At Terminal/By Phone link to print a reward voucher. You must bring your reward voucher along with your Member ID to the terminal. To redeem by phone, call the Greyhound Fare and Schedule Line at 1-800-231-2222. You will need your reward promo code and your Member ID number.
Q. What is a reward promo code?
A. A reward promo code is a special code assigned to the reward you have earned that appears on your printed reward voucher. Depending on how you choose to receive notifications, you will receive it by email or through the mail. To redeem a reward online, you can simply click the Redeem Online  link in your Account Summary. To redeem at a terminal, you can print a reward voucher by clicking the Redeem At Terminal link. You will also need to take your Road Rewards Member ID to the terminal. To redeem by phone, call the Greyhound Fare and Schedule Line at 1-800-231-2222. You will need your reward promo code and your Member ID number.
Q. When do rewards I have earned expire?
A. Different rewards have different expiration dates. Your 10% enrollment discount and 10% Food & Beverage discount expire on your membership anniversary date, which is twelve (12) months from your enrollment date. Companion Passes expire three (3) months from the date earned. Ticket purchase discounts of 15% or 20% expire six (6) months from the date earned. Free Trip Tickets expire twelve (12) months from the date earned. Click here for more information.
Q. What if I received a reward notification but cannot find the promo code to redeem it?
A. To locate your promo code, click on the image of the reward voucher diagram below. It will highlight the location of your promo code.

Q. How/Where do I get my Road Rewards membership card?
A. If you are a current Road Rewards member and do not have a membership card, you will be sent one once you've collected six (6) Destination Points. In the meantime, you can print a temporary card by logging in and choosing "Print My Rewards Card" in the My Account page. If you registered by picking up a registration brochure in the terminal, you should have received a membership card attached to the registration form. Don't forget to bring your membership card with you to redeem 10% off Food & Beverages. If you ever lose your card, call Road Rewards Customer Service at (214) 849-8966 or print a new card by visiting the Road Rewards website and following the steps mentioned above.
Q. Can more than one person register using the same email address?
A. Sorry, only one person per email address is allowed. For example, one address cannot be used for a married couple or family. In order for us to keep track of our Members and the rewards they've earned, we need a separate email address for each Member.
Q. Can I give my Destination Points to friends or family members?
A. Unfortunately, only the Member purchasing the tickets can receive credit (Destination Points) for those tickets. In other words, even if you're purchasing tickets for multiple people, you (the purchaser) will receive one (1) Point for each of the one-way trips you traveled. On the bright side, while you can't share your Destination Points with others, you can collect Points to redeem Free Companion Passes.
Q. Can I use my reward in combination with another discount?
A. Sorry. Rewards can't be combined with other promotions or discounted fares.
Q. I'm having trouble logging into my account. What should I do?
A. With all the passwords out there, it's easy to forget one. If that's the case, click here to retrieve yours. Also, be sure that you type it in correctly and that your caps lock isn't turned on. If it's the first time you've logged in since registering, make sure that you have confirmed your information by clicking on the link we sent you in your registration email. Until you have done this, your account will not be active.

In addition, you may want to check your browser's security setting to ensure that it's allowing the Road Rewards cookie to be saved to your computer. A cookie is simply a site's way of recognizing users when they return. For more information on this, refer to your browser's help instructions on how to allow cookies.
Q. Can I become a Road Rewards member if I live in Canada?
A. Sorry, Road Rewards is only available to U.S. residents at this time.
Q. Is there an age requirement for the Road Rewards program?
A. Yes, you must be 18 years or older to participate.
More Questions? Contact us at or call Road Rewards Customer Service at 877-943-3530.


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