Riding Greyhound on a regular basis pays off with Road Rewards, and the benefits start the moment you sign up.
Sign up for Road Rewards and receive a 10% discount on your next ticket purchase.
Get one FREE Companion Pass with a paid full-fare ticket. Also receive a one-time 15% ticket discount for yourself. (You also receive a 10% discount on food and beverages for the remainder of your 12-month period.)
Get one FREE Companion Pass and take 20% off your next ticket purchase.
One FREE ticket to anywhere Greyhound goes.

Should you collect another 16 Points during the 12-month period, you will earn another free ticket on Greyhound. You DO NOT move through the lower levels or collect rewards associated with those levels again until your next 12-month period begins, at which time your Point total returns to zero.

Greyhound's Road Rewards program operates on a 12-month rolling cycle, which means you have 12 months from the time you first register to collect Destination Points until they expire and you begin again. You collect Points by purchasing tickets online, at the terminal, or over the phone, getting one Point for every segment, or one-way ticket. A round trip equals two segments and, therefore, two Points. Points cannot be applied until date of travel and are not awarded at the date of ticket purchase.

At the end of the 12-month cycle, the Points collected within that 12 months expire and your total returns to zero. However, your rewards have individual expiration dates (see below) and remain valid until they expire -- even if the 12-month period in which they were collected ends.

10% Off Ticket: must be used within 12 months of registration
15% and 20% Off Ticket: valid for 6 months from date of issue
Companion Passes: valid for 3 months from date of issue
10% off Food & Beverages: once earned, this reward remains valid until the end of the 12-month period.
Free Round-Trip Ticket: good for 12 months from date of issue

** Ticket discounts are subject to blackout dates and cannot be combined with other promotions or discounted fares.

  1. Companion Passes can only be redeemed along with a paid, full-fare ticket.
  2. Only one reward may be applied to any given purchase, even if you have collected multiple rewards in your account.
  3. The exception to this is the 10% Food & Beverage discount, which becomes valid once you collect six Points and remains valid until the end of the 12-month period.
  4. The 10% Food & Beverage discount is only valid at participating Greyhound-owned and operated food service locations.
  5. Companion Passes and Free reward tickets are subject to blackout dates - see Terms & Conditions for details.
  6. Discounts may not be combined with any other discounts, or used on already deeply discounted fares such as Advanced-Purchase tickets. See Terms & Conditions for details.
Sign up for Greyhound Road Rewards now.
Earn FREE tickets, travel discounts and more.

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