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News Release

Media Contact: Kim Plaskett

Greyhound Returns And Increases Service To Brooklyn, Long Island And New Jersey
DALLAS (June 28, 2000) - Greyhound Lines is reentering communities in the northeast including Brooklyn, Long Island and New Jersey.

Starting this week, passengers can buy a ticket at the agency in Brooklyn at 395 Flatbush Avenue Extension and hop on the bus. Prior to the new service, Brooklyn residents could buy tickets at the agency, but had to travel to the New York Port Authority.

"We made sure the service offers the best and most convenient schedules for passengers," said Gary Coles, district manager, customer service in New York. "We offer three schedules a day in and out of Brooklyn. We plan to open additional agency's in the community later this year."

"This initiative is in line with company's effort to return to the neighborhoods and communities in North America," said Ellen Grant, assistant district manager, customer service in New York. "This project was successful because of the support we received from current Greyhound agents, the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, the Borough Community Boards and the residents of these communities."

On Long Island, the company increased the number of schedules to Hempstead, Queen's Village, Islip and Huntington, offering passengers a better, faster trip with less transfers.

In New Jersey, the company returned to Trenton, reestablishing its service from southern New Jersey to the South. Greyhound opened a new agency at 72 South Clinton Avenue so residents can connect to the Greyhound Network near their homes.

Greyhound Lines, Inc. is the largest North American provider of intercity bus transportation, serving more than 3,700 destinations with 20,000 daily departures across the continent. The company also provides package and courier express service, charter and tour services and food service at certain terminals.

In the U.S., for fare and schedule information call 1-800-231-2222 or visit the Web site at

In Canada, for fare and schedule information call 1-800-661-8747 or visit the Web site at