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News Release

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Greyhound Food Service Attracts More Than Travelers
DALLAS (Jan. 20, 2010) — In 2009, Greyhound began reinventing public

transportation by introducing sleek new buses with more legroom,

Internet accessibility and plug-ins for customers’ electrical devices.

What Greyhound also discovered were the more than 4.7 million customers

requesting a more intriguing menu to be implemented at the company’s 37

food service locations throughout North America. With new food items

such as chicken caesar salad, breakfast burritos, charbroiled chicken

sandwiches and gourmet hamburgers, not only are traveling customers

visiting the food service area, but so are local residents.

“From many of our customer comment cards we have read great things about

the quality of food we now serve, our friendly service and the overall

experience customers are having at our locations,” said George Harrison,

general manager, Greyhound Food Services. “We are reading that customers

are hearing through word-of-mouth about our services and visiting our

locations during their lunch breaks. It is exciting to see the attention

our food services are receiving and are looking for ways, such as new

menu items, to show people what Greyhound has to offer.”

With new and improved items, customers can enjoy delicious foods, a vast

selection of beverages and a unique lunch experience. While Greyhound is

working to set industry standards with their promotion of safety and

exceptional service, they are also setting a standard with their food

services and providing customers with delicious food options.

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