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News Release

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Greyhound Launches First Phase of Improved Customer Travel Experience in Southeast
DALLAS (April 13, 2007) – Greyhound Lines, Inc. today announced it is launching the first phase of enhancing the customer travel experience throughout the Southeast starting April 15. The “Elevate Everything” program improves every customer touch point to create a more enjoyable travel experience on Greyhound.

The initiative has been rolling out across the country over the last year with more than 80 cities improved so far. Other cities in the Southeast will see similar improvements in June as part of phase two.

“Our customers will notice dramatic improvements at every point of their travel experience with Greyhound,” said Steve Gorman, president and chief executive officer. “We expect to have our entire system complete by the Thanksgiving holiday travel period this year.”

Greyhound customers will experience newly refurbished and clean buses inside and out. The buses feature a new livery with the running dog logo outside and more comfortable seats inside, with movable armrests, automatic footrests and magazine straps. With nearly the entire fleet already refurbished and on the road, current and potential customers are being exposed to the new look and feel of Greyhound every day across the United States.

Drivers and terminal employees received new uniforms, and terminals have been upgraded. Many terminals feature new signage, plasma televisions, renovated bathrooms, new food service concepts and much more.

The company is also introducing a new greeter position to answer questions and assist customers with their travel needs. The youngest Greyhound customers will receive an activity book to entertain them as part of the new Traveling Kids Club.

“The changes are meant to improve the customer experience from the moment they walk into our newly updated terminals until they step off our more comfortable, modern and clean buses,” said Gorman. “We are totally committed to our efforts to rejuvenate our iconic brand and meet our customers’ expectations of a more enjoyable experience.”

“Elevate Everything” locations launching April 15:

Baton Rouge, La.

Biloxi, Miss.

Birmingham, Ala.

Chattanooga, Tenn.

Huntsville, Ala.

Jackson, Miss.

Knoxville, Tenn.

Lake Charles, La.

North Little Rock, Ark.

Memphis, Tenn.

Mobile, Ala.

Monroe, La.

Montgomery, Ala.

Nashville, Tenn.

New Orleans

Shreveport, La.

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