Location Info

Location Info

With more than 3,100 service locations in North America (excluding Alaska and Hawaii), Greyhound offers a lot of choices in planning your next trip. Use our Station Locator to find a location near you.

Types of Locations
Terminals and agencies provide the easiest access to frequent schedules and transfers to other bus schedules nationwide.

In major cities, our company-operated terminals provide full-service ticketing and Package Express service, with extensive hours of operation (many are open 24 hours). In smaller communities, locations may be operated by independent agents, which also provide schedule and Package Express service.

Bus stops (identified with a [B]) provide limited schedule service for a large number of locations, which do not support a full-service terminal or agency. As a general rule, no ticketing, baggage, or Package Express service is offered at these locations. Some of these locations may be at a local airport or transit center, while others may simply be a stop along a highway route, without an enclosed waiting area.

E-Ticketing locations (identified with a [e]) are similar to Bus Stops. They provide limited schedules, and do not support a full-service terminal or agency, ticketing, baggage or Package Express service. Tickets for these locations may only be purchased online using our print-at-home ticketing service.

Passengers should be aware that no Greyhound ticketing facilities are available at bus stop or e-ticketing locations.

Locations Within Canada
Click here to see the list of locations served within Canada.