Travel With Ease

On The Bus:

Social Distancing - Extra Space Onboard

With the lower demand for travel, our buses just aren’t full right now.  We are encouraging customers who need to travel, and feel well enough to travel, to take advantage of the extra space onboard our buses to spread out and create social distance from one another.

We’re also providing more social distance between customers and our drivers.  While operating the bus and making announcements, drivers are separated from the passenger area by a plexi-glass shield.  In addition, as you board the bus, our drivers are asking customers to display their E-Ticket on their phone or show their paper ticket instead of handing the phone or paper back and forth.

Cleanliness and Sanitization

We have increased the amount of wipe-down cleaning of high touch areas on our buses, including seats, arm rests, handles, windows and seat belts, throughout the day with a CDC recommended disinfectant.  Our driver area, including steering wheel, control instruments, handles etc, are also sanitized with the same CDC recommended disinfectant. This is in addition to our standard bus cleaning and sanitization that occurs after each bus trip.

If we are advised by the CDC of an employee or a customer who has traveled on our bus and who is potentially exhibiting coronavirus symptoms, we removed that bus from service.  The bus goes through a complete decontamination process.

In The Station:

Social Distancing

We are encouraging customers to remain at least six feet away from other individuals while in line at the counter, kiosk, near food service or vending machine areas and when boarding a bus.  
Our employees are in the process of providing clear six feet indicators in our company owned locations and agencies to help with the recommended social distance.



Cleanliness and Sanitization

We are disinfecting common surfaces (counters, kiosks, handles, windows as well as and restrooms) more frequently with a CDC recommended disinfectant.  Additionally, we have made hand sanitizers more widely available for both employee and customer use.