Lost or damaged baggage

We'll do what we can to help reunite you with your stuff. And if we can't find it, or it's damaged, you may be eligible for compensation.

Greyhound's responsibility

If Greyhound is responsible (or liable) for your baggage getting lost or damaged, you should be able to claim compensation. See how much you can claim, depending on your type of baggage and our limitations of liability:

Carry-on baggage

Your carry-on baggage should be with you throughout your trip, so it’s up to you to keep it safe (this includes taking your belongings with you when you step off the bus for a rest break). Greyhound can’t accept any responsibility for any carry-on baggage that gets lost or damaged.

Checked baggage

If any of your checked baggage goes missing or is damaged while being stored in the baggage compartment under the bus, you can apply for compensation. You'll need the baggage tag that was given to you when you checked your bag to process the claim.

We offer a maximum value of $250 per adult ticket and $125 per child ticket. If you have anything in your checked baggage that’s worth more than this amount, we can’t pay any more, unless you bought insurance. This doesn't include baggage checked as overweight, oversized or excess baggage (see the next section for more about this). See our legal Terms and Conditions to find out more.

Oversized, overweight & excess baggage

If you want to make a claim on overweight, oversized or excess baggage, there’s a free value allowance of $250. If you have anything in your baggage that's worth more than this amount, we can't pay any more, unless you paid the declared baggage charge. The maximum value we can pay is $1,000. If a part of your route is operated by one of our connecting bus lines, keep in mind their rules maybe different to ours, and make sure you check their website before you travel. (You will see if there's a partner bus line when looking at the schedule details of your trip.)

Baggage Insurance

If you’re traveling with stuff that’s more valuable than the amount you can claim from us, you can insure it through Greyhound.

Getting your baggage back

If we find your baggage, we can send it back to you as long as you live within the Continental United States (not including Alaska or Hawaii). If you live outside of the Continental United States, you’ll need to make your own arrangements for your baggage to be shipped to you.

Making a claim

If you want to make a claim for lost baggage, you'll need to submit a  baggage claim form within 30 days of the date you arrived at your destination. If something is missing or your baggage is damaged, you'll need to submit a baggage claim for within 7 days of receiving your baggage.

Baggage Claim Form

Here are a few important things to know if you're making a claim:

The claim process

You'll have 30 days to make your claim (see 'Making a claim' above). After this, the time it takes for us to settle your claim (and get resolution) is 60-90 days. The date we receive your form will be day one of this process.

If your baggage is lost

We'll do our best to find your lost baggage, and find it as fast as we can (you need those clean socks!). But if we haven't found it within 15 days of receiving your form, we'll treat it as a claim and get things moving. Don't worry though, we won't stop looking for your baggage. It just means we can start the claims process quicker. In any case, we'll write to you to let you know what's happening.

Baggage Claim Form

If your baggage is damaged or something's missing

If we return your baggage to you and it's damaged on the outside or inside, or something's missing, you can submit a claim. You'll need to do this in writing using our online form within 7 days of receiving your baggage. You'll also need to give us an opportunity to inspect it before we process your claim.

Baggage Claim Form

Duplicate claims

We recognize our customers sometimes travel with multiple bus companies during their trip. If your baggage is lost during the journey, we will communicate with all of the bus companies involved as part of the investigation. Where this is the case, we'll let you know and may ask you for more information about your claim.