Eat your way across America’s comfort food region, one bus stop at a time

Map of Texas

We’ve put together a sampler menu from the state renowned for its hospitality

Any good road trip needs good food. And food is something South Texas does very, very well. With the Mexican border on one side, the Gulf of Mexico on the other, and a mix of cultures in between, you'll get everything from authentic Tex-Mex and chic burger trucks, to the freshest coastal seafood. One thing’s for sure – a warm and hearty meal will be waiting for you (and never far from a Greyhound stop).

  1. texas-small-1

    A weird and wonderful mash up of BBQ, Tex-Mex, and food truck favorites.

    The cuisine in Austin lives up to the city’s motto "Keep Austin Weird" with its array of quirky food trucks. You can get a ball of cake on a stick at The Holy Cacao, a doughnut with cream cheese and chips at Gourdough’s, and a chicken, shrimp, and avocado wrap covered in crushed cornflakes at the Mighty Cone.

    The perfect place to explore the city’s cuisine and culture is The Picnic Austin. The best food trucks and small businesses in the city pull up to this venue. You can enjoy food, friends, retail therapy, and all things Austin.

    If it’s an all-day breakfast you want (and we’re talking 24/7), Magnolia Café is the place to be. If you’re a coffee connoisseur, pay a visit to Jo’s and grab yourself a bag of their house blend. Fancy a beer or two? Head to the Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co, where you can try a range of beers (all brewed on site) including the Superliner and Big Mama Red.

  2. San Antonio


    A culinary hotspot, where the city's master chefs get adventurous with authentic cuisines.

    San Antonio is home to the foodies’ CIA – that is, the Culinary Institute of America, a world-renowned culinary college. It hosts loads of events, like weekly farmers markets, and has an in-house restaurant serving up fabulously presented, authentic Latin American cuisine that San Antonio is known for.

    With the CIA attracting top chefs, there's no shortage of innovative eating experiences. The menus here are as diverse as the venues – like luxury sandwiches in a shipping container, five star food trucks, or Farm-to-table Mexican in a tiny railroad car. In San Antonio, comfort food has ditched the sweatpants and put on some fancy heels – it looks as good as it tastes.

  3. texas-small-3

    A tiny desert town with a big reputation, and an even bigger appetite for quirky cuisine.

    This tiny town of just 2,000 people has a worldwide reputation as a contemporary art Mecca. But in recent years, its creative, slightly offbeat cuisine has been stealing the spotlight – with the likes of New York Times and Vanity Fair running foodie features on Marfa.

    There are food trucks galore, including the famous Food Shark, featuring the famous "marfalafels" on the eclectic, daily menu full of hearty goodies. Or Frama Laundry & Lattes – where you can get your caffeine fix, while waiting for your dirty laundry to turn clean. In fact, most foodie spots in Marfa have a weird (and wonderful) side to them. Enjoy!

  4. texas-small-2

    Here, you can get it all – markets, food trucks, Tex-Mex and fresh coastal seafood.

    If you like farmers markets, you’ll love Houston. Check out Eastside or City Hall farmers market, both with an abundance of street food like breakfast tacos, crepes, and delicious Indian dishes (some truly authentic and others with a Texas twist).

    And if you like seafood, you'll love Houston even more. Its coastal location also means the seafood is fresh, affordable and never too far. Like Tommy’s Restaurant & Oyster Bar with a longstanding reputation for... you guessed it, oysters. But if comfort food means meaty and greasy to you, check out Bubba’s Texas Burger Shack, which has been serving buffalo burgers for over 25 years... at its unique location under a highway overpass. Now that makes for a great travel story (and photos)!

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