Discover the Haunted History in Richmond

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See ghost stories come to life

Founded in the early 1700s, Richmond is full of history and some haunting tales to tell. We've provided a few favorites for you to check out when you hop off the bus in Richmond.

  1. The Byrd Theater

    Open 365 days a year and only charging $1.99/person admission, the 1300-seat Byrd Theatre is one of the nation’s finest cinema treasures. Built in 1928, this theater has survived the past 80 years largely unaltered in appearance or function, operating almost continuously since it opened. Known as an architectural treasure chest, the Byrd Theater is adorned with paintings, marbled walls, gold leaf arches, a richly appointed mezzanine, and some of the original patterned mohair-covered seats.  If you are seated in the back of the orchestra level, you may notice that there are no supports holding up the front of the balcony or blocking your view. The balcony’s weight is distributed between the front of the theatre and the back wall of the auditorium making any seat great at this theater. 
    So while you're out you can catch a movie and maybe even see a ghost or two. According to some, Mr. Coulter, former manager of the theatre, is one of the spirits you may see as he still roams the theatre and is usually seen by visitors in the balcony.  


    2908 W Cary St, Richmond, VA 23221

  2. The Hollywood Cemetery

    Hollywood Cemetery is the resting place for 3 American presidents, thousands of confederate soldiers, and haunting spirits. Whether you're enjoying a walk through the winding paths, visiting the grave of a loved one, or participating in an organized tour, this spectacular outdoor museum has plenty of stories to tell. Much more than a cemetery, Hollywood is a living story in stone, iron and landscape. Designed in 1847, this cemetery has been a fully-operational cemetery since the 19th century.
    Today, Hollywood Cemetery ranks as the second most-visited cemetery in the nation. The stories and beauty of Hollywood continue to bring visitors from all over the world. To this day, Hollywood Cemetery still provides numerous interment options, allowing you to reserve your place in history among presidents, Civil War generals and many other famous personalities.


    412 S Cherry St, Richmond, VA 232202

  3. The American Civil War Museum

    The American Civil War Museum comprises three sites: The Museum and White House of the Confederacy as well as Historic Tredegar, both in Richmond, and The Museum of the Confederacy-Appomattox in Appomattox, Virginia.
    The White House and Museum of the Confederacy was originally the executive mansion for Jefferson Davis. Visitors may tour the mansion of the former president of the Confederate States, discover intriguing and original Civil War artifacts and possibly see a spirit. Rumor has it that this museum is haunted by the spirit of a young boy who is believed to be Jefferson Davis’ son.

    Address: 1201 E Clay St, Richmond, VA 23219

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