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See the vibrant and unique neighborhood’s that make Pittsburgh so unique.

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  1. Lawrenceville

    Explore Pittsburgh’s vibrant neighborhood, Lawrenceville.  Located along Allegheny River, this neighborhood is full of restaurants, shopping, entertainment and historical sites. Visit the Spirit of the American Doughboy statue, stroll down Butler Street and grab some souvenirs from one of the shops, or try to get a strike at Arsenal Bowl. Don’t forget to visit Arsenal Park where the largest civilian disaster during the Civil War took place.

    Address: 39th St & Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201

  2. Downtown

    Because you can’t visit a city without exploring its downtown, Pittsburgh’s downtown is a must. Grab a bite to eat at Market Square or explore 24 miles worth of river trails. Another unique offering in downtown is Point State Park, a National Historic Landmark that features hiking and biking trails as well as kayaking. 

    Address: Market Square- 222 5th Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 

    Address: Point State Park - 601 Commonwealth Pl, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

  3. Mt. Washington

    Mt. Washington is full of striking views and was named “one of the best skyline views in the world” by USA Today. Take a ride up in a 138-year-old Incline car to see the exquisite view of Pittsburgh’s skyline or spend the day at Emerald View Park and explore its 235 acres. A site not to miss is Bigham House, which was a stop used on the Underground Railroad.

    Address: Emerald View Park - 99 E Sycamore St, Pittsburgh, PA 15211 

    Address: Bigham House - 655 Pennridge Rd, Chatham Village Pittsburgh, PA 15211

  4. Bloomfield

    Take a trip to Italy while in Pittsburgh by visiting the neighborhood of Bloomfield. Known as “Little Italy,” this neighborhood is full of authentic Italian restaurants and grocery stores. Be sure to grab a homemade pasta dish like cheese ravioli or vegetable lasagna at Lombardozzis and don’t forget to stop by Donatelli’s Italian Food Center to pick up some Italian groceries and a bite to eat.

    Address:  Lomnardozzis - 4786 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15224

    Address: Donatelli’s Italian Food Center - 4711 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15224

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