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See a show, make show, or just enjoy the views.
You’ll enjoy every minute of the adventures regardless of where you end up.

Ah, New York. The lights, the shows, the non-stop action. In the middle of all the chaos is The Rockefeller Center. It’s a world renown attraction in the city, take a day to explore it and once you’re done take a taste of the city’s sweetest shops.

  1. Spend A Day at The Rockefeller Center


    In the center of Midtown Manhattan lies the infamous Rockefeller Center, it’s one of the city’s top attractions and is home to plenty of shops locations to explore whether you’re on a time crunch or not.

    Check out these three suggestions on how to spend a day at the Rockefeller Center.  

    1.  #TopOfTheRock Observation Deck
    The best view of New York City is at the Top of The Rock. Take the elevator up the 67th, 69th, or 70th floors to get the bird’s eye view of the beautiful Manhattan skyline, Central Park, and the Empire State Building. If you’re thinking of having a drink while enjoying these breathtaking panoramic views, stop on the 67th floor and check out Bar SixtyFive at Rainbow Room where you can enjoy some the best cocktails mixed by the best mixologists in the city. 

    2.  The Rock Center Attractions
    Have you ever wanted to sit in the studio audience of some of the most iconic shows in pop culture? That’s possible at the Rock!  Make time to catch a live taping of Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, or Late Night with Seth Meyers, and get a glimpse of what happens behind-the-scenes in one of the most iconic buildings in the entertainment world.  After you catch the show, stop by The Shop At NBC Studios and grab some souvenirs and official gear to step your swag. If you can’t make a show but still want to be a part of the action, take The Tour at NBC Studios and experience the most famous studio tour in TV history.  While you’re there you can also visit at least two of the studios, create your own TV Show, and see the NBC Production gallery. 

    3.  The Art of The Rockefeller Center  
    The Rock Center has a great variety of art pieces from carvings, mosaics, murals, and sculptures to view and photograph. The famous golden Prometheus is the most photographed sculpture in all of New York City, it is located in front of the fountains at the Lower Plaza.
    In the lobby of NBC Studios, you will see the American Progress mural by Jose Maria Sert, the mural shows America's strength and intelligence and is a representation of the roles Ralph Waldo Emerson and Abraham Lincoln played in the development of our country.

    Address: 45 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 1011

  2. The Sweet Side of The City


    In a city with so many options to choose from, finding the perfect place to kick your dessert cravings can sometimes be hard.

    Whether you’re a fan of the classic goodies or want to venture out and introduce your pallet to something new, here are three places serving the best sweets in the city. 

    1.  Doughnut Plant
    Doughnut Plant is not the place to visit if you’re looking for a traditional donut, the owner is considered the pioneer of the artisanal donut. Every donut, filling, topping, and the glaze is made daily in-house from scratch with all natural ingredients and you can taste the freshness upon the first bite. They’ve created and perfected a signature crème brûlée donut along with delectable seasonal flavors and even have non-traditional shaped doughnuts with surprisingly amazing fillings that are never made with eggs or any artificial preservatives. 

    Address: 220 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011

    2.  Little Cupcake Bakeshop   
    Since the Little Cupcake Bakeshop boasts of having the best cupcakes in the U.S., be sure you make time to visit and see if they live up to the hype. Every batch of treats is made daily with locally sourced ingredients. Some of the favorites are the Brooklyn Blackout Cake, voted the best chocolate cake in America, the “Mott Street” cupcake, a play tiramisu with a twist, and the “Blue Velvet” cake, made with fresh blueberries with homemade cream cheese frosting. In addition to the cakes and cupcakes, you can have a taste of homemade ice cream with flavors created in-house, pies, bars, bundt cakes, cheesecakes, and many more delicious desserts. 

    Address: 30 Prince Street New York, NY 10012

    3.  Eggloo
    At first glance, this place may look like your average ice cream shop selling soft serve, but Eggloo offers an Asian twist with every delicious dessert they dish out. Their specialty is the Hong Kong egg waffle cone made with sweet egg batter called Gai Dan Jai, the battered creates the sweetness and a crispy exterior while the interior is soft like cake and comes in original, chocolate, or green tea flavors. Once you decided on a ice cream flavor and as many toppings as you can handle, pick your favorite Gai Dan Jai flavor to enjoy one of the most original ice cream cones in town or go with your favorite Asian Fusion cookie flavor and create the perfect ice cream sandwich you never knew you needed.

    Address: 60 Mulberry Street New York, New York 10013

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