America's Music City, voted #3 best budget destination in the world. Go!

Map of Nashville

Let Greyhound show you what's luring international travelers to Nashville. (Hint, it's more than music.)

Yes, the free live music scene is still epic here. But in the last few years, Nashville's other scenes have taken off – it's now a city bursting with innovative art, fashion, food and hip neighborhoods. This all-round awesomeness has landed Nashville in the #3 spot of best budget destinations in 2015, beating the likes of Istanbul and Barcelona.

  1. 1The new culinary capital of the South

    Experience Nashville’s booming food scene, and take your tummy on a tour of the neighborhoods.

    In Nashville, creativity spills over into its cuisine, from its farm-to-table cafes to its upmarket eateries. Start the day at one of Nashville’s best brunch spots and follow the locals, who pair their eggs with Bloody Mary's or Mimosas (known to set you right after a late night of live music). Leave some room though, because you can’t leave Nashville without trying its famous Hot Chicken – fried, breaded, coated with spices, and served with bread and pickles. It’s so good that some restaurants won’t serve anything else.

    It’s true that Nashville’s food scene can warrant a trip purely for eating (although, unsurprisingly, there are lots of venues that serve up live music with your dinner, too). You can even book a food and hotel package to sample the different cuisines in Nashville’s unique neighborhoods, from trendy 12South to historic Germantown. Just put on your comfy Converse and go explore.

  2. 2A city of fashion and creativity

    Browse the boutiques and scour the craft markets to see where trendy locals get their inspiration.

    Nashville boasts an acclaimed industry of fashion designers and artisans, creating everything from boutique clothing to hand-crafted jewelry (it’s not all cowboy hats and tasseled boots). There are vintage clothes shops, jewelry studios and boutiques galore.

    Come in April to catch Nashville's happening fashion week, with events overflowing from boutiques and retailers around the city. And don't miss Nashville's Flea Market, a popular space for local artisans (and local shoppers). It’s one of the top ten flea markets in the country, with over 1,000 vendors from 30 states. You can pick up just about anything, from antique furniture to handmade leather goods (plus it’s a day out in itself!).

  3. 3Music tours, celebs and more

    Explore Nashville’s musical past, see the homes of the stars and take in a live show (or three).

    Some say it should be against the law to come to Nashville and not see any live music. But even if you don’t go to a concert, there are loads of other ways to appreciate music in Music City. Head to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum to explore the lives and voices of famous country singers.

    Another way to get close to the stars of Music City is a sightseeing tour, many of which focus on Nashville’s musical roots. You can see Taylor Swift’s condo or Elvis Presley’s gold Cadillac, and get the lowdown on the city's infamous Honky Tonks. Of course, if (or rather, when) you do fancy some live music, download Nashville’s free live music guide app and let it lead you to the tunes.

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