There's more to this place than money


All the *other* great things Vegas has to offer

Sure, Las Vegas is best known for its casinos, night life, and hotels (15 of the world's 25 largest hotels by room count can be found on the Las Vegas Strip). But the entertainment capital of the world can keep you busy without spending stacks of cash. Even if you're not into casinos.

  1. Everything but the Casinos

    See a free show.  Many of Las Vegas' world-famous, spectacular shows are free, staged inside public areas or outside the casinos or hotels. Must-sees are the Fall of Atlantis show at Caesar's Palace and the famous fountain show at the Bellagio.

    Pose next to global landmarks without leaving Nevada – explore the Egyptian pyramids, the waterways of Venice, and the Eiffel Tower, all immaculately replicated right there on the main strip.

    Head to the top of the Stratosphere Tower (America’s tallest freestanding observation deck) for some spectacular views of the city, valleys, and mountains. It also has four exhilarating rides (as if being 1,149 ft above the ground isn’t enough). Some will propel you at 30-40 mph over the edge of the building. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you!

    Take home insanely cool photos. With its explosion of color, Vegas is a photographer’s paradise. Two of the most memorable outdoor sights in the city are the Bottle Tree Ranch (literally a forest with trees made of recycled bottles) and the incredible Neon Boneyard. Go get inspired (or shall we say Instagram-spired)!

  2. Casinos on a budget

    Grab yourself a copy of the American Casino Guide ($19 for a hard copy). It’s full of tips on gambling in Vegas, and you’ll quickly recoup the cost by using all the money-saving coupons inside.

    Look out for the 24-hour buffets. For a set price you can get breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and move between casinos that are taking part in the deal). Some hotels also offer room and buffet packages – another great way to make your money go further.

    And if buffets aren't your thing, Vegas' food trucks offer all kinds of cuisine, from Mexican to Italian, and Chinese to all-American.

    Drinks are on the house in many of Vegas' casinos, and staff will even bring them to you. So enjoy your stay and take advantage of the hospitality!

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