Dig Deep into Jackson’s City, Culture, and History

Map of Jackson

The city has such culture that it’s the perfect place to learn and explore

Jackson is the perfect place to learn about Mississippi and taste the best cuisine the state has to offer. Whether you’re a sports buff or just here to enjoy some great BBQ, it’s a great place to explore.

  1. History in the City


    The Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame & Museum houses the names and memorabilia of the best athletes and coaches from the state. Mississippi boasts of having some sports greats as natives, which means you’ll have a chance to see exhibits and read up on icons such as Jerry Rice, Walter Payton, Brett Favre, plenty of Olympic gold medalists, NBA champions, and statewide celebs at the collegiate level. There are also interactive exhibits, including the opportunity to be the voice of a game and pretend to be a sports announcer, as well as displays showing the evolution of stadium architecture. This is the perfect place to visit, especially you’re already a sports fan and want to sharpen your knowledge of some legends and icons from the great state of Mississippi. 

    Address: 1152 Lakeland Dr, Jackson, MS 39216

    The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum makes for a great day of learning our country’s history and the well-documented events that transpired from the 30 years between WWII and the mid-1970s known as the Civil Rights Movement. While visiting, you’ll learn about events in Mississippi that were turning points in the movement including reading about Emmitt Till, Medgar Evers, and seeing exhibits dedicated to telling the personal stories of activists who participated in the Freedom Rides. There’s a theater set in the scene of a segregated classroom with a film discussing the Brown v. Board of Education decision and how it transitioned America. There are also 8 interactive galleries and special exhibits that change throughout the year. Visiting this museum will give a nuanced perspective on America’s climate during the movement and how it has shaped today’s society and making your trip worthwhile.

    Address: 222 North St Ste 2205, Jackson, MS 39201

    The Mississippi Museum of Art is the largest museum in the state and you’ll enjoy every movement you’re there.  It has plenty of galleries to stroll through, a performance stage, an outdoor garden, and it also has free admission. There are permeant and seasonal exhibits to explore throughout the inside and an amazing space known as the art garden outside where public and private events are held. If you’re visiting on a weekday, during the lunch hour The Art Garden hosts festivals with live music, you may even catch a concert series or a movie, depending on what day you visit. Every third Thursday they host an after-hours event at the museum with pop-ups, music, games, movies, and so many other festivities for the family to enjoy. 

    Address: 380 S Lamar St, Jackson, MS 39201

  2. Eat Your Way Through Jackson


    Iron Horse Grill is more than just a restaurant, it’s a museum, a bar, a shop, and a place to hear live music that’ll keep you on your feet dancing for hours. The first level is where you can find the stage, bar, kitchen and charcoal line. The charcoal grilled fajitas and gulf coast shrimp over delta grind grits are some of the fan favorites, but there’s always the crabmeat stuffed delta catfish or the grilled Chilean salmon, and that’s just half the menu. The smell of food greets you but the music carries you inside, there’s an events calendar to keep you up to speed on who's performing. 
    Pairing great music with your meal for the evening is always a great choice because every show is a guaranteed hit. The museum is on the second floor, taking a tour through the music, history, and art in the birthplace of America’s music after your meal is just a few steps away.

    Address: 320 W Pearl St, Jackson, MS 39203

    Pig & Pint has been voted the best BBQ in the state of Mississippi and it’s served and prepared like you’ve never experienced, they find a way to add an additional upscale and eclectic feel to food and menu. The Pig Menu features classic BBQ plates with your favorite slow-simmered meats, and not-so-typical dishes like the pork rind nachos, BBQ Tacos, or a Boudin Burger. The Pint is the beer list that features the largest craft beer selection in the state. 

    Address: 3139 N State St, Jackson, MS 39216

    What started off as a grocery store in the 1800s has now transformed into a restaurant that focuses on amazing service and locally-grown food with full support from local farmers. Parlor Market is a little piece of history that sits in Downtown Jackson, providing quality food and a great ambiance to match.  The Italian-inspired menu is ever-changing to ensure all ingredients are as fresh as possible. Whether you’re wanting soups, pasta, or the catch of the day, you’ll be pleased with your choice. Their dessert and drink menu also offer some notable choices as well. 

    Address: 115 W Capitol St, Jackson, MS 39201

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