COVID-19 Update: Group Sales and Commercial Sales

Keeping you and our associates safe and informed is our top priority. We want to share the steps we’re taking in Commercial Sales and Group Sales in response to coronavirus.

Most of the inquiries we have received are related to our operations, with concerns expressed about a disruption or discontinuation of service, facility questions, etc. Every question is relevant and crucial to your operation and ours. Unfortunately, providing accurate answers to simple questions is challenging due to the uncertainty surrounding this situation and the rapidly changing nature of it. Couple that with potential action that could be taken by local, state and federal agencies to address a local condition that arises, and you can see the challenge we face in providing precise updates.

Greyhound Group Sales Customers:

We’ve outlined our most current Group Sales policies related to COVID-19 here.  Please review the details and if you require further assistance, feel free to reach out to our Group Sales department at 1-844-GRPTRIP. However, we be are experiencing high call volumes and you may experience lengthy hold times. The best option for information and to have your additional questions answered is to email your specific questions to

You can access a list of closed stations by clicking the link that appears. This will be the most current list:  Please save this link for future use and please understand that while a station may be temporarily closed, the bus will still pick up and drop off at that location.

Greyhound Commercial Sales Customers:

To reduce ticketing issues caused by schedule changes, please check, or have your traveler check, their schedule on a day prior to travel to verify the schedule has not changed. With the service reductions, this is a possibility. The further away from the travel date the ticket was booked, the increased probability this could happen. If you notice any changes in departure or arrival time, anywhere along the route please contact our office to see if your ticket will need to be rebooked. 

To check on an existing confirmation number to see if there are any issues with the schedule please email with SCHEDULE CHECK in the subject line. In the body of the email list passengers name(s) and confirmation number(s) inquiring if there have been any schedule changes.  Putting Schedule Check in the status line is crucial. Doing so will route the email to the proper folder and allow for a faster response. 

Several stations have closed temporarily, and we expect several more to close. Service into and out of those cities will continue, but the station will be closed and the ability to print tickets will no longer be an option. Our best suggestion is if you have a passenger originating travel from one of those locations, please call us to book the ticket and we can issue a PDF ticket which can be emailed to you or your traveler. Please note that this is a labor-intensive process and we cannot do it for every ticket. For now, we are limiting issuance of a PDF ticket for origins with closed stations, certain e-stops and other situations that are outside the norm.

You can access the list of closed stations by clicking the link that appears. This will be the most current list:  Please save this link for future use.

Please note that the number of actual route cancellations is quite small. More prevalent is schedule reductions. Much like the airlines and Amtrak, we have seen a significant decrease in ridership and must adjust our schedule frequency accordingly. Due to the ever-evolving nature of this crisis, it is difficult to stay in front of what might happen and provide accurate information. We have developed a report that SHOULD catch a lot of the travel issues for tickets that have been booked but it wont catch them all. If during this process we discover an issue, we will reach out with options.

We suggest several things that should minimize issues:

  1. Book your tickets as close to the travel date as possible. Some of our customers book 10 days out and in this rapidly changing climate, the potential for travel issues increases. If you can make the reservation two or three days out, you decrease the chances of a travel issue due to a schedule reduction or cancellation.
  2. Have your passenger check his schedule on 24 hours prior to travel and again 8 hours prior to travel.
  3. Make sure that your passenger has our toll-free number, 800-440-7712 option 1 and instruct them to call us if they experience an issue while travelling.
  4. Your staff can email us as described above using Schedule Check in the subject line of the email and we can respond with the appropriate information.
  5. Your passenger is also welcome to email us as described above. Please ensure that they follow the steps outlined and please be sensitive to the fact that if all our customers had all their passengers email us, there will be a significant slowdown in response time. If they can self-check on before reaching out to us, that would be appreciated.

Last, our phones are extremely busy so be advised that you may experience extended hold times if you need to call. Emailing us at is the best way to communicate.

We value your business and our partnership. Your patience is appreciated as we do our absolute best to provide information, limit mishaps and navigate the unprecedented and rapidly evolving nature of the crisis faced by us all.