Traffic jams can wreak havoc on the nerves, especially when you're giving a big presentation to the boss or coming home from a hard day at work. With Greyhound QuickLink service, your commute can be stress-free, and your commute time is put to productive use. QuickLink provides an alternative to the daily commute with comfortable, reliable and affordable service both in the morning and with return service in the afternoon.

QuickLink uses comfortable buses equipped with reclining seats, tray tables, climate control, tinted windows and an on-board restroom. You can sit back and relax during your commute, or get a little extra work done and arrive at your destination refreshed.

And with QuickLink monthly and 10-trip passes, you'll find that the most economical way to work is to leave your car behind.

QuickLink only operates during weekdays and does not run on weekends or on holidays.

Where is QuickLink available?

Currently, QuickLink is available between Mt. Laurel, NJ, and New York, NY.

Fare and schedule information on QuickLink can be found in our Web site's Ticket Center. You can also call the local QuickLink office at 856-235-6030.