Greyhound to Launch Service to downtown Pittsburgh from Arnold Palmer Regional Airport

Starting Thursday, Nov. 7, 2013, Greyhound will provide daily bus service to downtown Pittsburgh with two trips -- morning and afternoon - - to and from the city.

The airport authority will host a dedicated bus stop with all terminal facilities available to ground-based travelers, who can also use the bus line to reach other destinations east and west of the airport.

"We are pleased to partner with Greyhound to provide this valuable service to the ever-growing number of people who use this terminal," said authority Chairman Donald Rossi.

The airport has experienced exponential growth since Spirit Airlines launched direct flights to now four destinations, including Fort Lauderdale and Orlando, Florida, Dallas, Texas, and, seasonally, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Since February, 2011, more than 400,000 passengers have passed through the terminal, and the ultra-low-cost air service shows no signs of slowing.

Now, in addition to free parking, those inbound and outbound passengers will have even more options for getting to the airport and into the city once they arrive.

"We're excited to provide our customers with convenient connections to other modes of transportation through our agreement with Arnold Palmer Regional Airport," said Deborah Laney, area manager, Greyhound Lines, Inc.

Long-time authority member and golf legend Arnold Palmer also likes the step in the intermodal direction at the airport that bears his name.

"This daily Greyhound'service to downtown Pittsburgh will certainly enhance the service that our airport offers to the traveling public of our greater community," Palmer said. "It will be an important link that should help expand our Spirit Airlines service beyond the great success that we are already enjoying. We have come a long way in making our airport a vital transportation hub in western Pennsylvania."

"This really connects us to public transportation in a very beneficial way," said authority Executive Director Gabe Monzo said, noting that bus routes will also include a stop at Westmoreland Transit in Greensburg.

"Plus, having a stop here gives Greyhound passengers a warm, dry, safe and comfortable place to await their rides," Monzo said. "All of the terminal's amenities will be available to them."

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