About Greyhound

Dave Leach, President and Chief Executive Officer

Dave Leach is behind the wheel and in charge of navigating the future course for Greyhound Lines, Inc., the number one intercity bus company in North America. He provides strategic leadership to help evaluate and improve overall efficiency, operations, services and profitability to keep the current fleet of approximately 1,600 buses running seamlessly to more than 4,000 destinations. 

Dave is well qualified for his place at the helm. He started his career with Greyhound in 1986, working part-time as a Baggage Handler to help pay his way through college. Since then, he’s acted as Express Agent, Ticket Agent, Customer Service Supervisor, Dispatcher, Terminal Manager, District Manager, Vice President Passenger Service, President Greyhound Canada, COO, Greyhound Lines, Inc., and now President and CEO, Greyhound Lines, Inc.

Dave’s journey to Greyhound

Despite planning for a different career, once Dave joined Greyhound, he never looked back. He’s proud of the company’s role in providing solutions for an increasingly congested world, and its commitment to keep people moving and communities prospering. He remains passionate about the brand today, and a primary objective is to maintain Greyhound’s position as a relevant customer-service oriented company that places passenger satisfaction first.

Dave earned a Technical Diploma in Biological Sciences from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

Most memorable Greyhound experience

I was riding undercover from Memphis to Cleveland on a great trip when a fan belt came off the engine outside of Louisville. Two passengers were mechanics traveling to new jobs, and they happened to have their tools. They offered to assist the driver, reinstalled the fan belt and we were on our way—but not before the driver asked passengers to give the mechanics an ovation. I was proud of them, the other passengers for their patience, and our driver. It’s a great example of recovery from a failure. I returned to my office with renewed purpose. First, to do all we can to best maintain our fleet, and second, to recognize that in spite of our best efforts, we will sometimes fail and it is how we recover that matters most.”

Bill Blankenship, Chief Operating Officer

Bill Blankenship is chief operating officer for Greyhound Lines, Inc. In addition to overseeing all operations, Bill is responsible for safety and security measures, technical applications, and business process and analysis for the company’s passenger service as well as Greyhound Package Express (GPX).

A passion for people (passengers and employees alike) keeps Bill tirelessly focused on finding better ways to do things. As COO, he wants Greyhound customers to have a positive travel experience so they return for future trips knowing the company has their safety and satisfaction at the heart of its business strategy.

Bill’s journey to Greyhound

Bill joined Greyhound in 1996 as part of the GPX division where he worked his way to a position as director of Package Express. In 2004, he was promoted to general manager, where he oversaw operations of the company’s terminals, drivers and agencies in the western U.S., then, in 2008, he moved into his current role overseeing all operations in the U.S. and Canada. Prior to joining Greyhound, Bill honed his leadership and logistical skills as a regional manager for Charlotte-based Pony Express Courier, where he managed sales and operations.

Bill earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in marketing from Nicholls State University.

Most memorable Greyhound experience

“My most memorable Greyhound experience was right after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. Greyhound promptly responded to assist with evacuation and relief efforts, and we worked hard to resume our service. Greyhound committed buses and resources in very short order, and many of our drivers and employees volunteered—displaying an outstanding level of professionalism and compassion. I was born in Louisiana, and near New Orleans, so it was personal for me. Afterwards, I was able to convince my mother to move closer to our family in Dallas, and I am still proud of Greyhound and our employees.”

Chandra McCormack, Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Chandra McCormack provides oversight and management of Greyhound’s financial status, working to maximize efficiencies and reduce costs so that customers can benefit from the best possible travel solutions at the lowest possible price. 

Chandra McCormack is a senior executive with 25+ years results-driven experience in both public and private companies.

Chandra's journey to Greyhound

Prior to joining Greyhound in 2017, Chandra served as Chief Financial Officer for Main Event Entertainment during their national operations expansion from 5 to 14 states, and is credited with high team engagement and EBITDA growth through a combination of people, systems, and financial acumen.  After working in management consulting with Deloitte, she spent 13 years with Dean Foods Company, and has been recognized for her leadership in multiple industries, including Transportation, Consumer Goods, Experiential Retail & Restaurant.


In 2016, Chandra receive awards from both the National Women's Council for Diversity as a Top 15 Business Woman in Dallas and the Dallas Business Journal as the “Quick Impact” CFO of the Year. Chandra is also an active member of Financial Executives International and serves on the board for the non-profit Youth with Faces, which has been successful in reducing juvenile recidivism rates by 83% in Dallas.


Chandra, who is also a certified public accountant, holds an M.B.A. from the University of Texas in Arlington.

Mark Overton, Chief Information Officer

Mark Overton is a business leader with a clear understanding of how to leverage technology, transform organizations and drive innovation. Mark is well-versed in strategic planning, operational optimization, strategic delivery, & global collaboration.

Returning to Greyhound in 2018, Mark has come full-circle. With a clear vision of how to implement process improvements, alongside a collaborative service leadership viewpoint, he’s focused on bringing in a business-centered IT strategy and utilizing a forward-looking roadmap, turning strategic objectives to measurable successes. 

Mark's journey to Greyhound 

Upon graduating with his Bachelor’s degree from UTD, with a major in Computer Science and minor in Business and Economics, Mark has continued to masterfully navigate both disciplines throughout his career. Starting as an Application Developer and steadily climbing his way up the ladder, Mark changed lanes to management in 2003, and [initially] joined Greyhound in 2005 as the Director of IT Governance and Systems Delivery. When the IT department was relocated to FGA’s Cincinnati office in 2009, Mark didn’t go far, joining HKS (downstairs). Serving as their CIO, Associate Principal & Sr. Vice President for 9 years, Mark was responsible for the technology strategy and execution for a top international Architectural firm comprising of over 1,450 employees and 25 offices worldwide. Among some of his highlights there: restructured the information technology department to ensure alignment with business operations, established a Knowledge Management department that led their digital transformation and implementation to cloud-based platforms, and built an environment that enabled productivity and collaboration by providing the tools and technologies to seamlessly get work done anytime or anywhere.

For the last two years, Mark has been honored as a nominee for the Dallas CIO of the Year ® ORBIE ® Awards, and named a finalist in 2018. This award recognizes North Texas-based CIOs who have shown excellence in technology leadership and are shaping their industry.

Stuart Kendrick, Senior Vice President, Canada

Stuart Kendrick leads operations for Greyhound Lines, Inc., in Canada, which serves 6.5 million passengers annually.

His responsibilities include overseeing all daily passenger, packaging (GPX), charter and maintenance operations, as well as customer service, labor relations and cost controls.

Greyhound has been a part of Stuart’s life since he was a child. His father and uncle were bus drivers, and after graduating high school, Stuart began working for the iconic brand himself. Keenly aware that Greyhound has supported his family in many ways over the years, Stuart is committed to seeing that Greyhound remains relevant and successful for the long haul.

Stuart’s journey to Greyhound

To say that Stuart knows Greyhound inside and out is hardly an exaggeration. He first worked in terminal jobs that included cleaning buses and serving as ticket agent. From there, he moved on to dispatch, operations manager, general manager, and vice president before his promotion to senior vice president in 2008.

Today, as in 1986, Stuart strives to ensure customers receive a safe and reliable ride so they arrive at their final destination having had a positive experience. He hopes the end result is that they return for another trip, and their communication with family and friends confirms that Greyhound enables travelers to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Most memorable Greyhound experience

“When I was a dispatcher and was riding the bus from London to Toronto for shifts, the bus drivers made an impression on me. The common thread in our discussions was they all thought Greyhound was a great company to work for, and they loved the freedom of being their own boss on the open road. They shared the goal of looking after the customer. I’m proud to say that even though the company has grown and evolved, that mindset hasn’t changed.”

Rhonda MacAndrew, Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Rhonda MacAndrew is responsible for all Human Resources, Corporate Communications and Public Relations for Greyhound Lines, Inc., in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

She brings the value of 20 years of experience in the HR discipline, and stays well-versed in current industry-specific practices at local, state and federal levels.

As the Senior Vice President of HR, Rhonda has a dual reporting relationship and manages a staff of 48 employees, and ensures the departmental strategy supports Greyhound’s business initiatives through her guidance in the areas of training and development, recruiting, labor relations, payroll, and benefits.

Rhonda’s journey to Greyhound

The ability to keep human resource practices moving forward is a skill Rhonda established previously at her post as VP of Human Resources for Overhead Door, and within prior positions in the fields of manufacturing, financial services, retail and supply chain—where she honed competencies that include talent acquisition, management, training and development, and organizational planning.

Rhonda displayed her ability to navigate challenging obstacles when she first joined Greyhound in 2007, when she managed to maneuver a bus beautifully while participating in driver training school. Today, she remains equally adept at upholding the company’s commitment to provide safe, hassle-free journeys for travelers assisted by employees who treat them with the utmost respect.

Rhonda earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in education from Ohio Wesleyan University.  She also completed additional business course work towards her MBA at Dayton University.

Most memorable Greyhound experience

“My most memorable Greyhound experience would have to be driving the bus during driver school shortly after I joined the company. I was paranoid going through the obstacle course, but thankfully I made it. I have an ongoing appreciation for the drivers who safely carry our passengers across the continent daily.”

Todd Koch, Vice President Strategy, Marketing & Customer Engagement

Todd Koch provides strategic development and leadership for Greyhound Lines, Inc. His responsibilities include overseeing all digital channels and all products onboard the company’s fleet of buses.

Todd is passionate about putting customers at the center of Greyhound’s service, and always looks to design strategies that will improve their experience at every touch point. His focus extends to innovations in sales channels, service design and product improvements, as well as increasing the value of existing products and services and developing relevant new ones.

Since joining Greyhound in 2010, as the director of business planning and transformation, Todd has been the driving force behind Greyhound’s business transformation, first by leading the financial planning and analysis group, and now the digital and strategy groups.

Todd’s journey to Greyhound

Before joining Greyhound, Todd was the director of financial planning and analysis for Centex in Dallas, Texas. There, he facilitated company-wide short and long term business planning, merger and acquisition planning, and company-wide land ownership strategies. 

Todd’s move to Greyhound was a return to the travel industry, where he has accrued many years of experience – including roles at American Airlines where he oversaw customer services planning, route performance strategy and revenue management.

Todd holds both a bachelor's degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a master’s degree from the University of Texas in business administration.

Most memorable Greyhound trip

“My most memorable Greyhound trip was while I was in college. What started out as three friends planning a trip to the beach turned into a 30-person group excursion. We pretty much took over the bus as we outnumbered the regular passengers on that day. We had a great ride to and from the beach, and we even added a few more people to our group along the way.”

Dave Phillips, Vice President, Operations, Safety & Package Express

As vice president of operations, safety and Greyhound Package Express, Dave Phillips oversees all driver and terminal operations of Greyhound Lines Inc. in the United States. Dave is also responsible for business development  and operations of Greyhound Package Express.

Dave’s passion for our iconic brand and his goal of safely giving our customers a stellar travel experience and our employees a high level of employee satisfaction can best be summed up by this statement: “I want our customers to have a stellar experience and a high level of care while visiting our terminals, traveling on our coaches or shipping their packages, all which will keep them returning to us the next time they are ready to travel or ship an item.”
With 50 years of experience in the 24/7 transportation and retail industry, Dave understands our customers have many travel choices and that we must always strive to safely give our customers our very best effort each and every time they travel or ship with us.


Dave’s journey to Greyhound

Dave joined Greyhound in 1990, after holding various positions with a supermarket chain in southeast Michigan. Over the course of more than 28 years, he has held positions within the company that include commissioned agent, terminal manager, district manager, vice president Greyhound Package Express and now vice president operations, safety and package express.  Today, the driving force behind Dave’s ambition is to support employee commitment to safely provide a great customer experience.
Dave studied metallurgy at Henry Ford Technical College and earned his certification in retail management and merchandising from Cornell University.


Most memorable Greyhound experience

“When I became District Manager for the Southeast United States, based in Atlanta, GA, my first assignment was to replace myself as Terminal Manager. After narrowing the final candidates to three, I embarked on a five-day bus trip from Atlanta to Little Rock to Dallas. I arrived at each location unannounced, over the weekend and at night. The Little Rock manager was the only one on duty, servicing our customers and supporting our employees in a safety first operation. He was my choice for promotion and ultimately became a district manager himself.”

Mike Walker, Vice President, Technical Operations

As vice president of technical operations, Mike Walker oversees all equipment engineering and maintenance activities in North America for the substantial fleet of buses at Greyhound Lines, Inc.

As vice president of technical operations, Mike Walker oversees all equipment engineering and maintenance activities in North America for the substantial fleet of buses at Greyhound Lines in the US, Canada and Mexico.

With more than 35 years of experience in the highly skilled and technically challenging field of Fleet engineering, Mike brings a high degree of innovation and leadership to the Greyhound Technical operations function. 

Mike’s journey to Greyhound 

Before joining Greyhound, Mike held numerous technical, training and management positions with United Parcel Service. In 2010 he retired from UPS as Corporate Director of Package Fleet Engineering. Two short weeks later, Mike joined the Greyhound team as VP of Technical Operations.
Mike holds technical training degrees with GM, Ford, Mack Truck and Detroit Diesel.  Mike’s passion is people.  He believes very strongly that people are Greyhound’s most important asset. 

Most memorable Greyhound experience

“The first venture I took as a new Greyhound employee was a cross country tour in one of our marketing coaches with several members of our corporate technical operations team.  We logged more than 3500 miles that week while visiting many of our garage and service island locations.  It was an awesome opportunity to meet many members of my new Greyhound family”.