Maggie and Shonna's story

Sometimes, going the extra mile starts with a donut.

These two friends and long-time co-workers work as a team, walking the station to spot customers who need a hand. They pay special attention to kids traveling alone - keeping them smiling until they're picked up. Turns out, a chat and a donut often does the trick!

Maggie and Shonna
New York City
Customer Service and Daily Operations Manager, Customer Service Office Manager


Maggie: Every day at Greyhound is a new experience. We always get a joy when we're able to help a customer. Especially when we're walking the floor. They come to us about everything. It's still rewarding enough just being able to help someone. Ultimately, that's what we're here for.

Maggie: I'm Maggie

Shonna: And I'm Shonna

Maggie: And we work at the Greyhound port authority in New York City.

Shonna: I manage our Customer Service Office.

Maggie: And I manage the customer service and the daily operations.

Shonna: Maggie and I have been friends for the last ten years. Being able to work with a friend, you can trust that person. You know that they're going to be honest and give you an honest opinion.

Maggie: We work together as a tag team. Just being able to kinda troubleshoot together, that's something that we take very seriously.

Maggie: A lot of times we have unaccompanied minors that travel with us. That by far is the most rewarding part of our job. We aways want to make sure that they get to their parents safely.

Shonna: We try our best to make them feel comfortable. We give them a little snack. Y'know we spend time with them. We chit-chat with them. We find out and learn something about them new. We sit and wait patiently with the children until their parents are here and then we present the child to that parent.

Maggie: When I reunite a child and a parent, I love seeing that. That means that I've done my job. That means that Greyhound has done their job. That's my ultimate goal. It's to just give stellar customer service.

Shonna: I think that's something that Maggie and I both really do well. It's definitely from our hearts.