Purchase Help

A credit card and mailing address are required for online ticket purchases. For Print at Home Ticketing related questions, contact us toll-free at 1-800-231-2222.

Passenger Information

Enter names to be printed on tickets. Complete first and last names must be entered. Valid photo identification will be required before boarding.

Indicate if owner of credit card used in this transaction will be traveling on this trip. If credit card holder is not traveling, certain criteria must be met:

  • The buyer must pay a non-refundable gift ticket fee at time of purchase, regardless of number of tickets purchased
  • Tickets may not be sent outside the U.S.
  • Both stations must be open at the time of the transaction and of ticket pick-up
  • Buyer and recipient should allow three hours from time of purchase to departure time to complete the transaction
  • Appropriate ID or a password is required to pick up the ticket
  • Only the purchaser may cancel the ticket or apply for a refund

Ticket Delivery Options

  • Print at Home
    • Tickets will immediately appear after purchase in a pop-up window. Ensure all pop-up blockers are turned off so ticket can be served. Tickets are to be printed at home by the customers' own computer and printer. Printed ticket(s) along with valid photo ID will be required at point of origin. Tickets are limited to the time and date of travel and are non-refundable unless otherwise specified.
  • Will Call Ticket Pickup
    • Buy online and pick up your ticket at the Greyhound counter -- it's that simple!
    • Credit card holder traveling: To pick up tickets at the counter, present the credit card used for purchase, the reference number (displayed after purchase), and a valid photo ID. If the credit card is not presented at the counter, a fee will apply.
    • Please arrive at the counter at least one hour before departure to receive your ticket and check luggage, if applicable. A non-refundable fee applies for Will Call orders.
    • Credit card holder not traveling: The reference number and valid photo ID are required to pick up tickets. As an option, you can create a pick-up password for the traveler to use as ID when picking up the tickets. Please arrive at the counter at least one hour before departure to receive your ticket and check luggage, if applicable.
    • A non-refundable gift ticket fee is applied to each Will Call transaction where the credit card holder purchasing tickets is not traveling on that trip.
    • Pick up ticket(s) at the departure station at least one hour before boarding. Tickets may be picked up at either the counter or Ticket Center Express kiosk. Kiosk pick up available only for transactions with card holder traveling.
    • Password To pick up tickets, the recipient must present both valid photo ID and the reference number (displayed after purchase). If the traveler does not have identification, you can create a password here to serve as ID. You must give this password to the person picking up the tickets. Password should be 3-8 characters.
    • Ticket Center Express Avoid lines at the ticket counter -- use our new Ticket Center Express kiosks. Ticket Center Express service is available at select terminal locations with more to follow. Tickets may be picked up at the kiosk for transactions where the cardholder is traveling.

Pay With Cash Option Information

  • The Pay with Cash option allows you to purchase your Greyhound ticket at a local participating retailer. You can either print your confirmation receipt and take it to a participating retailer or follow the on-screen steps to utilize a Greyhound Card at a participating location. After making your payment at the retailer, your ticket will be printed on your receipt. Use the receipt as your boarding pass.
  • To choose the option to "Pay with Cash" at a retailer, there must be a participating retailer store within 15 miles of the zip code you entered. If there are no participating locations within a 15 mile radius of the zip code you entered, then you will not be able to use this purchase option.
  • The confirmation receipt is to be printed by the customers' own computer and printer after reserving a ticket on Customers will receive their register receipt/boarding pass at the participating retailer of their choice once they pay for their ticket.
  • Advance Purchase fares must be converted to a purchased ticket receipt at a participating retailer by midnight by a specific date and time. For the date and time, please refer to the confirmation receipt at the end of your purchase. All other fares must be converted to a purchased ticket receipt within 2 days of ticket order or no later than 2 hours before departure time.
  • A printed receipt or boarding pass from the participating retailer along with valid photo ID will be required at point of origin.

Billing Information

Please enter your credit card billing address. This address must match what appears on your credit card statement.